Soul School

Become the Light That Guides You

Your Soul School experience is driven by you.

At the Soul School, we lead you down into your soul.

We believe wellness is defined differently by everyone, and achievable by all. Our goal is to contribute to your overall wellness by allowing you to find it yourself; not by following our instructions, but by discovering your Soul.

At the Soul School, we offer virtual Reiki, Coaching, Shadow Work, certification courses and annual in-person events.

Hello! I'm Jen Rodriguez, founder and CEO of the Soul School!

I started portions of the Soul School in 2017 with Reiki training and the birth of Witchletoe, and have continued to expand my services over time to spread as much joy, confidence and soul work as possible.

Learning how to be myself while maintaining my identity as a wife and mother forced me to make big changes in my life so I didn't lose contact with the spiritual self I'd cultivated long before I became either one of those things. I've been a passionate yoga teacher, artist and emotional health enthusiast my whole life, why should I stop any of those things just because my life changed to drastically? It turns out, like most of us do, I needed support and direction... possibly even permission. I am here to be that support for you on your soul journey. I am giving you the permission you need to prioritize yourself and your needs to become a lighter version of yourself, letting go where you need to let go.

I'm on a mission to help you take your Soul healing into your own hands. By choosing the Soul School, you are choosing to be in total control of your healing journey, doing so with an expert healer by your side to help guide you along the way. You will also have the option to connect with other like-minded individuals via our private online group, to maintain this work and continue the sense of belonging in this community long after your formal Soul Work ends.

Let me teach you how to become your own kind of light.


Available for custom work, special events or artist markets.


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